Getting married at 8 months pregnant!

Getting married at 8 months pregnant!

Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary, and as usual we’d completely forgotten until a whatsapp from mum with ‘Happy Anniversary!’ rang through! Yep, today marks the day I waddled down the aisle at 36 weeks pregnant with our first daughter and became Mrs Mkparu.

The decision to get engaged was extremely impulsive and I can’t lie, it was largely driven by 2nd trimester pregnancy hormones.  It was really all triggered by hearing from a midwife that in the UK “if an unmarried couple have a baby in hospital, the father does not automatically have parental responsibility for the child”, that news definitely unnerved me but also got Ogo and I talking about the bigger picture and our future.

So, we decided to get married – and within 8 weeks! The venue was really easy to find, there was a great pub near us that had licence to hold the ceremony and had availability on Friday the 1st December (in between all the Christmas parties) and so the only thing left to do was decide who was going to come, and of course choose THE DRESS.

At first we decided we wanted it to be intimate and just invite a few friends with the promise that we’d do a bigger wedding later down the line, but then we got overexcited, and next thing we were up to capacity for a seated dinner in the pub (x50 guests) and adding another x30 for the evening. At this point, I have no idea what I was thinking, I guess I wasn’t, I was just in elation that two of the biggest life events  I would ever experience were right in front of me and there was no holding me back!

Dress shopping felt impossible. There was nothing I could find that would fit me, my personality or the visions that I’d held for years about how I’d look on the big day. I could find only one wedding dress brand for pregnant women and nothing from the bigger, well known dress companies. I finally settled on a very large, floating boho lace gown for £250 from a brand in Byron Bay, Australia called Spell & The Gypsy, so that was another for £100 for custom charges. It wasn’t maternity but it fitted and it felt pretty, but it was also totally see through so I spent another £100 on having panels sewn in.  Ogo had a beautiful, white handmade suit from an African fabrics shop in London, and we decided on barefeet because again, shoes were a struggle. 

i work in events so tried to handle the detail bits myself, I went to a flower market in Battersea and bought loads of roses some foliage and baby’s breath the morning before then spent the day with a friend and her mum arranging them. I bought white candles and candle holders from a few different online stores (including H&M home) so that I had a few different shapes to mix it up and look interesting on the tables and I hired chairs from an events company because I didn’t like the pub ones. I also asked the pub to remove their curtains for the day because I felt they were a bit dark, oh and I also made sure I had a chair to sit during the ceremony!

We were now ready to go get married :)

The day was lovely, I walked down the aisle to Bob Marley ‘is this love’ and Baby decided to do somersaults throughout the service, but the whole event felt far too short, is that the same for everyone? It went in such a blur that by 9pm I was completely exhausted, and the party was only just getting started! And that would be my only complaint, that I didn’t get to have as much of a party as I’d have liked.

I made some crazy decisions being pregnant (choosing Mr Loverman as our first dance song is up there) but getting married and having that day just 4 weeks before another incredible day of my life was absolutely not one of them.