'Go softly in the world; if it is harmed, it cannot return'

Akwa Baby is committed to donating 10% of our profits across the year to great causes we care about.

We are so blown away by the brilliance of Grow 2 Know and really excited to align ourselves with this organisation in 2022.

Grow2Know was birthed in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, North Kensington, in June 2017, as community members used gardening as a means of therapy. Residents came together to green up spaces in the area that would uplift & unify through nature. These gardens would carry a legacy of hope in a time of such adversity.
'Grow2Know aims to heal, inspire, empower & educate using horticulture – planting seeds in the minds of young people & giving them the necessary tools to make a positive impact in their communities. We aim to change the narrative & break the mould on the stereotypes of what it is like to be a gardener & what a gardener may look like, & in turn, create a more inclusive industry. We feel that gardening is a pretty cool thing to do & it is our mission to exhibit just how cool it is."
You can view the work they do right here


The beautiful Cards From Africa gift cards can be purchased at checkout, they've been handmade with love by young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda and hand signed by the maker. Akwa Baby does not take a profit for selling these cards. 


From the beginning of June launch until January 2022 our chosen charity was the community owned Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in Kenya, you can view their incredible and heartwarming work here