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OBI Range : Kosi Trousers

OBI Range : Kosi Trousers

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Casual style trousers that offer lots of comfortability for all playground adventures. 
The hidden affirmations in our Obi print:
Nsibidi is an ancient writing system and this arrow looking symbol with the curly S shape is the symbol for Chi - a person’s soul or personal god
The lion and the lioness represent courage - because how brave are our babies to even get here to us on earth? Parenthood is also a true act of bravery.
The flower represent the proverb ‘family names are like flowers, they blossom in clusters’
I am loved
I am courageous
I celebrate colour

Elasticated waist and elasticated ankle cuffs.   

Our clothing is kinder to you and the planet. GOTS certified, soft, organic cotton/bamboo blend jersey and printed with organic inks.

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